Why should I use Peerz?

The answer to that question is really simple: You should use Peerz because it's the easiest way to find out what your strengths are and to see how other people see you.

  • It’s scientific, doc

    Together with dr. prof. Ute-Christine Klehe Peerz developed a system to analyze people's strengths and qualities based on John L. Holland's occupational themes, or RIASEC codes. Simply put, the RIASEC model places people's characteristics onto a scale of Doers (Realistic), Thinkers (Investigative), Creators (Artistic), Helpers (Social), Persuaders (Enterprising) and Organizers (Conventional).

  • ...and social too

    Ask friends and colleagues that know you well to review your positive qualities. Your profile gets more accurate with every review you receive. Inviting people to review you is extremely easy when you connect your Peerz account with Linkedin and Facebook. You can even compare your profile to those of your friends and colleagues from Facebook and Linkedin.

  • Want to know even more? Read our FAQ